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Water Ways, EDGE, EDGE Philly

One of our strongest partners is EDGE, a Philly-based grassroots artist/activist group that focuses on ending dirty gas exploitation by encouraging the development of a green economy throughout Pennsylvania. In the Water Ways project, they offer their knowledge of the oil and gas industry, PA politics and activist organizations, and connect us with impacted individuals across Pennsylvania who will share their struggles with us and host Water Ways events. Through these connections and subsequent story-sharing events, Water Ways strengthens coalitions extending throughout the region by sharing the extensive story and emboldening environmental groups to resist the polluting gas industry along all parts of their poisonous process.

To learn more about EDGE, visit their website:

Water Ways, Beehive Design Colletive

Meg has worked with the Beehive Design Collective since 2013. Although this project does not fall under the Beehive's brand, the Collective is supporting our efforts and has trained us in best practices when it comes to illustrating sensitive topics and other people's stories, presentation and workshop styles, and collective work.

To learn more about the Beehive Design Collective, visit their website:

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