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12-page Narrative Storybook



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This hand-drawn illustration is of two of my favorite Water Ways characters, Grandma Dandelion, and Elder Thistle. These bad-asters are deeply rooted, abundantly pollinating, and committed to defending what they love together. They remind us that this wild world is queer and diverse and beautiful and persistent, and we are too! Ain't no stopping us on this long journey to justice!

-Bri Barton, Illustrator

New Shirts Available

This hand-drawn design is developed from one of my favorite vignettes within the first Water Ways illustation. A gathering of diverse animals raise their voices in harmony, speaking truth to power and teaching us a protest song that we can all learn to sing. The border of the image spells out many ways that animals vocalize, like bray and caw. Your particular voice is important to hear. Speak up even when your voice shakes. 

- Meg Lemieur, illustrator

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